Our Demands


Public Safety

Police officers must undergo extensive mental health training while the Municipality of Anchorage transitions away from police intervention to a civilian based intervention.

     The police are being used as mental health interventionists and while we fundamentally believe that the police should not be used for these types of intervention, we recognize that until the Municipality and the State allocate the necessary resources for civilian based interventions, the police will continue in this role.      As such, all police officers must pass mandatory, extensive and frequent mental health training, to work as police officers.


Public Safety

Decriminalize low-level offenses such as minor possession of drugs and sex-work


People struggling with drug addiction should be treated not sent through the criminal justice system. Instead of being arrested and confronted by police, lawyers, and judges, someone struggling with drug addiction should be met by counselors, healthcare professionals, and social workers.

Sex work

Sex workers are workers and should not be forced into hiding. APD has a terrible history of abusing sex workers. The decriminalization of sex work benefits the community by shedding a light on a profession that has been forced underground, where workers can be abused and exploited without legal protections. Sex workers must have their human and workers rights recongized and respected.


Public Safety

End Camp Abatements and Decriminalize Homelessness

      Transitioning away from abatments to housing first policies is not only humane but provides long term solutions to homelessness. Those who experience homelessness have higher rates of substance abuse and mental health issues. Decriminalization of drugs, mandatory mental health training and the transition toward civilian based interventions work in tandem with the decriminalization of homelessness to prevent crime. Municipal resources would be better spent on housing people instead of creating a permanent class of housing refugees.


Public Safety

Increase Penalties for Sexual Assault and Harrassment

Increase the penalties for sexual misconduct committed by police officers and provide transparent accountability from police to prevent abuses of power by those entrusted with public safety.


Public Safety

Disarm Police Officers

Crowd Control

APD must destroy or liquidate its entire arsenal of crowd control weapons (tear gas, flash bangs and sound weapons) and armored personnel carriers . There has never been a violent protest in Anchorage and there is no justification for these types of weapons as their only purpose is to be used on the residents of Anchorage engaged in democracy. Not every officer needs an assault rifle or tactical shotgun. The availability of firearms to officers makes the number of deadly force incidents higher.

Prohibit Deadly Force

Police officers should preserve life, even the life of someone engaged in a criminal act. While we recognize that some situations call for an armed response, these responses need to be heavily regulated and those police officers need to undergo rigorous training and supervision.


Transparency and Accountability

Neighborhood Councils Directly Control Police in their Neighborhoods

Community policing has long been championed by the Municipality and APD has a more progressive form of policing. Police officers assigned to certain neighborhoods need to be supervised and regulated by the neighborhoods they operate in. This provides direct civilian control over police officers.


Transparency and Accountability

Police Records Must be Public

All officers' records (good or bad) must be available to the public. The Municipality must facilitate this process. If APD has the ability to look up information on residents, residents must have the ability to look up police conduct records.


Transparency and Accountability

Three Strikes You're Out

Any officer found to have committed three instances of misconduct needs to be fired and decertified as a police officer. A public record should be made available and easily accessible for all officers fired and decertified.


Transparency and Accountability

Abolish the Police Union

The police union is unlike other labor unions. We fundamentally believe in the right of working class people to form and organize unions the police are not a working class institution. The police force is an inherently oppressive institution that enforces oppressive laws created by a powerful few to serve their own class interests at the expense of the many.


Transparency and Accountability

Empower the Expand the Anchorage Police Community Relations Task Force

1. Empower the task force to independently investigate APD and remove police officers for misconduct

2. The task force must be more robust and dynamic. It must be controlled entirely by residents


Transparency and Accountability

Defund the Police and Reallocate Resources toward Community Health and Wellness

APD is one of largest expenditures for the Municipality, allocating funding toward previously mentioned programs (housing first, mental health, social work) would mitigate the need for police intervention.


Transparency and Accountability

Civilian Control

1. The implementation of previously stated demands would shift APD from self-regulation toward civilian control.

2. Many police policies such as use of deadly force need to be codified into Municipal ordinances.


Transparency and Accountability

Justice for Dae!

Reopen Lufilufilimalelei “Daelyn” Polu’s case. His family has many questions regarding the nature in which Daelyn was killed. They feel that misconduct may have played a role in his death. After several attempts to acquire information on the case, Ms. Karen received paperwork that does not look entirely accurate. It took Ms. Karen an unreasonable and inexcusable amount of time to receive paperwork that she was requesting since the beginning of this incident. We ask that Mayor Ethan Berkowitz does everything in his power to reopen this case so that Ms. Karen and her family can have the closure they deserve.